Aspire is the creation of Jeannette Lawrence, a drama teacher at Hazelwick school.

'I created the theatre company to give young people an opportunity to perform.

As a young actor, I fell in love with the world of theatre. It offered me a place to be myself, a place to grow in confidence, a place to shine and a place to learn new skills and develop my craft as an actor.  There is nothing like being involved in a production where everybody, no matter what role they are playing, feels like they are part of a family.  It's this feeling of belonging that I intend to create with Aspire.

I want to offer my students the opportunity to grow in a safe environment, where everyone is valued and given all the support and encouragement they need to thrive as a performer and young adult. I want to cultivate an environment of trust so I can challenge my students to take risks and become fearless with their character choices in order to discover their true potential.

The name Aspire epitomises what I want to achieve with the theatre company: giving students the belief that they can aspire to be whatever they want to be.

They can aspire to be their best.'


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